Aryn's Testimonial

“My name is Aryn. Growing up, I struggled to be healthy and “Find my Purpose”, so to speak. I was never healthy and always overweight. When I attended Tabor College, I started to realize I wanted to get healthier, yet I still struggled. It wasn’t until I came back to Hesston after graduating that I realized I HAD to get healthy and couldn’t make excuses anymore. In January of 2017, I made the same New Year’s resolution that millions of others made. If it weren’t for the Wellness Center, I couldn’t have stuck to this resolution. It was an environment that I enjoyed going to because of the employees and the members from the community who would be there as well. With a community like Hesston, those relationships are not just a “passing by” relationship. They continue to grow each time you talk with them and see them. I dropped 50 pounds and realized that I wanted to help others on their journey as well, knowing just how hard it was.

I landed my dream job and am now a Wellness Coordinator. I work with 1,100 companies across the United States to implement corporate wellness programs. Two years ago, this job wasn’t even a reality with the weight I was at. I have always said that if it wasn’t for the Wellness Center, I wouldn’t have realized my purpose and would still be unhappy. Although I now live in Wichita, I have continued my passion for the gym and helping others. 

I want to thank everyone there, and encourage you guys to continue running a great program with great facilities and employees!”  

Become a Bluestem Wellness Member

Bluestem Wellness locations may be used by Bluestem residents, staff and Silver Sneakers members for no additional charge. For residents of the general public, the following payment options are available:

Membership Monthly Quarterly 6-Month Annual
Single adult $40 $115 $230 $375
Family $60 $175 $350 $605
Senior single 62+ $35 $95 $190 $315
Senior couple $50 $145 $290 $490
High school student $35 $90 $180 $315


  • Day pass punch card: $50 for 10 visits
  • Day pass: $7 per day
  • New member joiner fee: $25 one-time fee
  • Corporate members exempt from joiner fee

Required participation forms are available here and at the front desks of the Bluestem Wellness Centers.