Who We Are

Established on Christian principles and operating on relationship-focused values of community and generosity, Bluestem Communities maintains a non-profit status that allows us to provide personalized care for every individual. Bluestem Communities works to promote a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere amongst all our services and locations. We believe life always has purpose at every age. Everyone has an incredible story to tell, and we can all learn from one another. You’ll find friendship and support at Bluestem Communities as well as the utmost respect and privacy. 


Bluestem Communities’ mission is to have a positive impact on quality of life by promoting lifelong wellness, purpose, choice, genuine connection, and personalized care with Christian compassion.

We Strive to Model Compassionate and Inclusive Communities

Residents, participants and staff members come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We welcome this diversity that enriches the woven fabric of our communities. Bluestem Communities is inspired by Mennonite values and centered on the love of God. We are committed to treating all people with compassion and dignity, striving to create a more inclusive future for our communities and beyond.

Bluestem Communities Commitment to Anti-racism Activism

More than Senior Services

Though Bluestem Communities does offer senior living options, we have something to offer every age. Whether it is dining at a Bluestem Culinary location, working out at our Bluestem Wellness Centers or attending one of our educational seminars, Bluestem Communities is where all generations come together to live well.

Bluestem Experience

Our Bluestem Experience Magazine features stories and connections made at Bluestem Communities. 

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