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Assisted living at Kidron Bethel Village and Schowalter Villa encourages a community environment where older adults can pursue hobbies and interests, build relationships and connect with one another. We help residents maintain independence by providing cooking, cleaning, laundry services, medication management, and physical assistance according to their personal needs. Nurses are available 24 hours a day if they are needed. This support can help seniors maintain health and independence longer. 

“At any given moment, Bluestem Communities staff are there for my parents.” - Brenda Eitzen, daughter of Bluestem Communities residents

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We know navigating assisted living options can feel overwhelming at times. The Bluestem Communities Senior Living Advisor Team members are here to support you or your loved ones on the journey to continue to live well. Call us at 888-388-7445 to schedule a tour today. 

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Being Proactive

Bluestem Communities understands the importance of partnering with seniors and their families to plan ahead for the future. When families wait for a crisis to happen before they make plans, things can feel chaotic and rushed. Making a move to assisted living before a health crisis occurs allows you to be actively involved in your future and make proactive health care choices instead of reactive.

What to consider when selecting an assisted living community

It's important to consider a few things when selecting an assisted living community.

How do staff members interact with residents?

The attitude and pleasantness of all staff members is critical. Observe the staff interacting with the residents they are serving. Do they seem to have a friendly relationship with all residents? Do they make eye contact and truly listen? If you feel comfortable with it, ask to be introduced to staff management. It is important to be confident in those who will be providing you or your loved one’s care. Also, look for a community where you feel at home— not just like a resident of a facility.

Do they offer hobbies or groups that interest you?

When you schedule your tour, ask to visit when an activity or event is taking place. You could even ask to participate if you would like. At the event, note whether the activity is well attended. Make sure to pick up an activities calendar. Do any of the events on the calendar match your interests? Also, inquire about religious activities if that is important to you.

Does the home seem safe, secure, and clean?

Safety and security features are very important for seniors and offer peace of mind to loved ones. Ask about safety features in bathrooms, hallways and community rooms. Find out about staffing patterns to determine who is in the community to assist at all times of the day and night. Also, inquire about medication management and any other medical needs that are specific to you or your loved one. Ask about laundry, maintenance and housecleaning routines.

What is the community’s reputation?

If you know people who live in the community, ask them what their experience has been like. Ask their family members as well. Do they feel good about their loved one living in assisted living? Does it have a good reputation?