Bluestem Wellness Centers re-opening to the public

August, 02, 2021

NORTH NEWTON, Kan. –Bluestem Wellness Centers, with locations at Schowalter Villa’s Lakeside Village in Hesston and Kidron Bethel Village in North Newton, will both re-open to the public on Monday, August 9. 

“For services connected to senior living communities, getting back to normal during the pandemic has been a longer process,” said Jason Jones, director of Bluestem Wellness Centers. “Fortunately, we have been able to continue serving the residents who live on our campuses during this time, but we’re excited to now be ready to welcome our community members back as well.”

As a “welcome back,” anyone who goes to either of the Bluestem Wellness Center locations during August can pick up a “Three for Free” card that gives them three free visits to try the facilities, classes and amenities at either location. Members of Bluestem Wellness Centers have full membership benefits at both locations.

“We are grateful for our members in the community who were patient and understanding through each phase of our re-opening plan,” said Jones. “We hope this first month will be an opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with our longtime members and introduce ourselves to new members. Then, in September, new members who join during the month will have their joiner fee waived.”

Jones noted that Bluestem Wellness Centers operations and procedures will look somewhat different than they did pre-pandemic due to continuing infection control strategies that are in place. Most notably are changes in operating hours, including dedicated times for residents only. The Hesston location offers a convenient after-hours access system for members until midnight seven days a week. Operating hours can be found for each location at   

Bluestem Wellness Center – Hesston is located at 701 S. Main St., in the Lakeside Village building. The Hesston location offers state-of-the-art cardio equipment, a full circuit of weight equipment, an indoor pool and hot tub, locker rooms, an indoor walking path, a variety of land and water classes and more.

Bluestem Wellness Center – North Newton has a few more precautions in place due to being located under the same roof as health care and assisted living residents. The North Newton location is at 420 Bluestem Street. Visitors to the wellness center should park in the lot off of Bluestem Street and enter the building through the east-facing door next to Bluestem Therapy. Staff asks that wellness center patrons do not enter through the main entrance to Kidron Bethel Village. Masks are also required for community members using the fitness room at Bluestem Wellness Center – North Newton. Masks are not required while using the swimming pool or hot tub.

The North Newton location features state-of-the-art weight and cardio equipment and a salt water pool that is kept at 91 degrees. The warmer water is ideal for individuals with arthritis or fibromyalgia. Other amenities include a hot tub, locker rooms and outdoor walking paths.

On Facebook, follow Bluestem Wellness Centers for news and updates about the North Newton location and Bluestem Wellness Centers – Hesston for news about the Hesston location.