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Endowment to provide quality of care for generations to come

Being a resident or participant at Bluestem Communities means peace of mind that your care and quality of life is always top of mind. 

Each location has its own benevolent fund to assist residents and participants by ensuring continuation of care and services when they are unable to cover the full cost of their care due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Bluestem Communities is now building an endowment, the Bluestem Legacy, to add an extra safeguard for top-quality care for residents and participants, and securing the organization’s ability to live its mission well into the future.

“Bluestem Legacy is built on the foundation of providing exceptional care, a nurturing environment and a range of amenities and experiences designed to enrich the lives of residents and participants,” said Derek Yoder, Bluestem Communities Vice President of Fund Advancement. “An endowment gives great strength to the organization to build a solid foundation for legacy gifts to serve residents and participants into perpetuity.”

Like the benevolent funds, Bluestem Legacy has an arm at each location. It is not meant to replace the annual benevolent funds. Rather, Yoder explains, the endowment is another layer of security for Bluestem Communities to function and serve residents and participants in the way it promises through its mission. 

“Bluestem Legacy plays a pivotal role in ensuring the future of Bluestem Communities,” said Yoder. “It serves as a safeguard for the evolving needs of residents and participants, allowing us to adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining our unwavering commitment to their well-being. We remain dedicated to upholding our mission, guided by the principles of compassion, dignity, and respect as we continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who call this community home.”

The Bluestem Legacy endowment is being built primarily through estate and individual gifts. To learn more or talk about options that fit your giving philosophy and desires, contact a member of the Bluestem Communities Fund Advancement team at 316-836-4879.  

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