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Alternatives to opioid pain management

The Harvey County Health Department and Mirror, Inc., a non-profit, private corporation providing behavioral health care, alcohol and drug abuse prevention programs based in Newton, Kansas, have partnered on a grant that provides information on the safe use of opioid pain medications. The following information is provided by Mirror, Inc.

Opioids are an option for pain management. However, when taken over a period of time, opioids can lead to addiction or overdose. Be aware of what each medication you take does and continually talk to your doctor about how long you should be taking it. 

Opioids are not the only option for pain management, however. Other options to try are massage, chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, NSAIDS like Advil or aspirin, light exercise or muscle relaxers. 

If you do take opioid medications, you may want to consider having Naloxone (also known as Narcan) available in case of an accidental overdose. Naloxone can be provided by your doctor or pharmacist. Also, ask your pharmacist if they have a way to safely dispose of your unused or expired medications, or take advantage of the Drug Take Back events held every April and October in Harvey County.

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