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Reaping the benefits of Bluestem Wellness Centers

Gary Voth is a member of the wider local community who has gained significant personal and wellness benefits through Bluestem Wellness Centers. 

“I found Bluestem Wellness Centers after being hospitalized for a month and having in-house physical therapy. I started regular general exercise and additional movement at the wellness center to get back to normal. I started attending the water exercise class at the wellness center in Hesston three times a week, and often enjoyed sitting in the hot tub after each session. I also attended water exercise classes at the wellness center in North Newton for several years. In 2022, I had more medical issues that prevented exercise and resulted in a lack of oxygen and fainting. In October 2022, I returned to an exercise program in the warm water pool at the North Newton location. I swim a minimum of two times each week for about thirty minutes using the posted water exercise routine. My personal preference right now is to swim on my own rather than in the instructor-led classes so I ensure significant exercise and don’t get sidetracked visiting with others! Sometimes my brother, Mel, joins me.

I have found that I am able to do much more in the water and I am not sore the next day because there is no impact on my joints like there would be exercising on land. The regular movement makes me feel better and has improved my health in several ways: my statins are lowered, my cholesterol has lowered about 40 points, I’ve lost about 10 pounds, my low blood count has improved and I feel more energized. I encourage others to take advantage of the water movement – either alone or with others – to improve their own health.”

Bluestem Wellness Centers, with locations at both Kidron Bethel Village in North Newton and Schowalter Villa in Hesston, are convenient, friendly
and community-oriented for
Bluestem Communities residents
and individuals from the wider community who join as members.
They offer dual membership at both locations, personalized training and nutrition programs, aquatic and land exercise classes.

Learn more and see class schedules at bluestemwellness.com.

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